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Prescription drugs that are presently recommended for a safe weight loss management may include the following:

Generic Name: Diethylpropion; Brand Names: Tenuate Dospan, Tenuate
Generic Name: Orlistat; Brand Name: Xenical
Generic Name: Mazindole; Brand Name: Sanorex
Generic Name: Phentermine; Brand Name: Adipex-P, Oby-trim, and Ionamin
Generic Name: Phendimetrazine; Brand Names: Prelu-2, Bontril, X-Troxine, and Plegine
Generic Name: Sibutramine; Brand Name: Meridia

Various antidepressant drugs have been researched for use as an attainable appetite depressant, due to this fact, they constantly suppress appetite in their early months of regular use. Studies signify; however, that while people may effectively lose weight in their first use of these antidepressant medications, the expectation of losing enough amounts of excessive weight only starts after their continued use after six months. Moreover, almost all patients who tend to lose extra weight in their early use of antidepressant treatment are likely to regain the weight lost during the medication period.


Amphetamines and other similar drugs were commonly prescribed in the United States even the period of 1960’s to 1970’s as their effective appetite suppressants. Nevertheless, because of its addictive composition, it was not recommended today for weight loss management, other than just a remainder of those “diet doctors” who disregard correctness politically and still continue in distributing it.

Single Drug Treatment

The prescribed medications above are presently utilized to cure obesity. Basically, these drugs are reasonable effective, most especially if they will be used in combination of regular exercise and healthy diet. Typical losses of extra weight are between five to incredibly 22 pounds are expected compared to those who do not use any obesity medications and only rely on exercise regimen and low-calorie diet. There is a wide variation in reviews regarding weight loss medications; as a matter of fact, it was proven that some people who uses these medications loss those extra pounds than others who do not.

Combined Drug Treatment

Combines drug treatment with the combination of phentermine and fenfluramine is not any more available because to the retraction of fenfluramine. There is a very small data about its effectiveness and safety of other prescribed combination of drugs meant for weight loss.
Short term usage of these appetite suppressant drugs has been proven to decently decrease health risks especially to those who suffer obesity. Research has found out that these types of medications can lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin resistance and blood fats or triglycerides.

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