How to Find Jobs in a Digital Transcription Company?

Digital transcription jobs from home are accomplished either by acquiring your own client base of the years or by joining a digital transcription company. If you’ve ever wondered how do digital transcriptionists work from home? here we’ll tell you how to make it happen, how to supplement your income while working in this field, what the digital transcriptionist salary is and more information about the transcriptionist career.

In order to work from home as a digital transcriptionist you will need to have completed either a one year certificate program or a two year associate’s degree program, after which you will take the AHDI certification exam in order to become a registered transcriptionist. From your MT training program you will have gathered skills such as excellent spelling and grammar, typing skills and listening skills. The course will teach you have to transcribe dictation from audio files that you will upload on a computer. With the use of a foot pedal and headphones you will listen to physicians comment and describe procedures and exams, transcribing them with accurate medical terminology, correctly mistakes in grammar and terminology and use this information in order to complete reports for such procedures as exams, physicals, autopsies, radiology and consultation reports. Below is a list of the following equipment you will need in order to work from your home office:

Two-line telephone


Word processing program

Internet access

Transcribing machine or digital system

Word expander program

Medical dictionaries

Foot pedal and headphones

By working from home you can expect your digital transcriptionist salary to be an hourly rate of 10$ to 25$ an hour, depending on your level of education or your years of experience in the field. You will need to be a fast typist with the ability to type around 120 words per minute as you will be paid 7 to 15 cents a line. For some, this type of digital transcriptionist job may not be ideal unless they have obtained a degree or have participated in an internship program. Digital transcriptionist working from Home : How to Get Started

You will have a better chance of working from home in this field if you have previously worked onsite in this field, at a hospital, clinic, private practice or other type of medical facility. It’s recommended for those interested in working from home to first have a year of experience before attempting to make a career working from home.

You can begin your home employment by compiling a list of physician’s offices in the area and sending each one your resume and information on your services. You can also join a digital transcription company that will outsource work to you from physicians all over the country. While this may enable you to make ends meet for the meantime, it may not be something you’re interested in doing in the long run as these companies will take a cut of your pay for getting you the work.

You can also find leads by joining forums for the MT online or try meeting with the staff at your school if they offer job placement assistance or feature a database with employment leads, specifically for their alumni.

Digital Transcription jobs from home can also be used as a way to supplement your income if you are already working in a medical facility but want additional work on the side. You can acquire this by joining an digital transcription company or by having made work connections in this field. It also helps when trying to gain extra work from local physicians to already be employed as a professional transcriptionist.