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In the event you're a Seasoned Network Marketer or even in case you're new to Network Marketing you will undoubtedly have run into the name 'Mike Dillard' on your journeys. Mike Dillard is one of the very popular and successful Marketers online now and I actually believe it can be said that 'Mike Dillard has done for Network marketing' what Henry Ford did for the car industry'! - He totally revolutionized the way Network Marketers do business today, using a new concept he named: 'Interest Promotion'.

Mike Dillard started his school days together with the initial idea of becoming an orthodontist like his uncle near Austin, Texas, in the enchanting town. It was not long before he realised that his true calling did not lie in this arena in 'entrepreneurship' and in particular in 'Promotion'. Although he managed to graduate using a Marketing degree from school he believes he owes most of his Advertising understand how to his own attempts in self development. He admits that he spent innumerable hours researching Advertising literature and reading novels for example 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill and 'How to win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie. 
He purposely took a telephone cold calling job, to be able to teach himself to overcome his anxiety of calling leads, which he hated on. In fact himself puts his success down to nothing more than a want to succeed and absolute determination.

His concept of 'Magnetic Sponsoring' was born from the rejection's frustration that people confronted in Network Marketing. He determined that there has to be a better way to do business apart from to chase prospects that had no interest in your opportunity down - 'would not it make a lot more sense to bring interested folks to you'?

From this first thought, himself developed a novel, (originally for his downline) which he called: 'Magnetic Sponsoring'. Magnetic Sponsoring is as significant now as it was five years ago - it has obviously been modified to stay on top of the ever changing trends on the net, but it remains classed as the Number 1 training merchandise in the world.

Now, savvy Network Marketers no longer need to rely on aged 'Old School' approaches of recruiting, they no more need to trudge the countryside delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, holding fruitless hotel assemblies so as to recruit a couple of team members, simply to ask them to leave out of frustration a couple of weeks later. Times have changed!
One of the major concepts covered in Mike Dillard's publication is the power of 'Personal Branding' - which essentially teaches when you need to bring prospects to you; you need to be seen as a leader, someone who people would want to follow. You can find just a few men and women in this business who have made this type of deep effect on people's lives in addition to their companies. Mike Dillard is among the folks. If you're looking for someone and a true leader to reveal to you the path to success, Mike Dillard is true guru.